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Every culture in the world has its lore

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Every culture has its lore.
This community will work in the same way as btvsangel_canon.

The general concept is to ask and answer questions regarding the canon of the CW's Supernatural. The purpose is to have a place for fandomers give and take any knowledge of show's history. If you have a question about anything in canon, whether it be for fic or because it's nagging at your brain, come ask it.

This will be a spoiler free zone, by which I mean you may not ask questions that reference an episode that has not aired and answers may not contain references to unaired episodes. Anything with spoilers for unaired eps will be deleted without warning. This is the warning.

There is a risk of seeing information/spoilers for episodes that you yourself haven't been able to see yet. Please be warned. I encourage posters to take into consideration the wide breadth of this fandom; it spans the world. It'd be nice for you to cut-tag anything that references the current season, but as long as the information requested has aired then it is fair game. Don't know how to cut-tag? Ask or visit LJ FAQ section.

Overall, the idea is to help fanfiction writers with background questions, therefore there may be plot discussions in comments that may include graphic situations. I'm not gonna say it out loud, but you know what goes on in this fandom sometimes, so keep that in mind please.

This comm is open membership but will be moderated closely. I'm not here to babysit, but I am online a lot. Translation? No wank. No drama. Period. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.

Questions? Feel free to email me at adis723{at}gmail{dot}com
Wanna affiliate? Drop me a line at the same email address.